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“Text Fist” by Andrew Mason is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I found some more important text today that I hadn’t really considered up until now. They are papers tabled to the LTC in November 2013 and March 2014 by EUSA & then OERSLTG plus the LTC responses (published in LTC papers & minutes).

I think these are really important as they are directly driven be EUSA and the OER Short Life Task Group (OERSLTG) set up by Alex Munyard (EUSA VPAA 2013/14). They predate the establishment of Learning, Teaching and Web (LTW) Services Division in IS, and the influence of the new director (although the LTW director was an advisor to EUSA in 2013/14).

Most interestingly it contains a vision for OER and ‘Open Access’ as defined by EUSA and the OERSLTG. I think comparison between the language used will be interesting (most obviously the term ‘Open Access’ is used as title to the paper rather than OER. Open Access is a difficult term as it is also used in relation to open access journal publishing, and in open access to online learning courses – for example in relation to MOOCs [ref]. However this issue is noted in the committee’s March 2014 minutes).

This also prompted me to look for the minutes to the November 2014 paper (also published and providing an interesting insight into discussion around “ownership” and “openness”). I think the minutes, short as they are, probably should be added as texts to be traced.

I also have the complete minutes to the first OERSLTG. These are provided by Mark Wetton (who was then head of Learning Service and tabled the March 2014 LTC paper). I’m assuming these can be used in the analysis, but probably need to check this first.

The new graph is below. I need to tidy up names – this is just a quick version from a working spreadsheet. Next step is to list all of the texts and try to bound them (also write-up descriptions). In terms of people, I’d like to identify four or five people to interview and then map out visually how they relate to the texts being analysed (I hope this will inform my interview questions). Provisional interview list is: Melissa Highton (LTW/Oxford/Leeds/SCORE/UKOER); Lorna Campbell (Cetis/Open Scotland); Sheila MacNeill (GCU/OER15); Imogen Wilson (new EUSA VPAA); Jeff Haywood (UoE strategy).

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